Baby Cries While Going to School : SOS Moms Reply

We don’t buy a new house without checking all the details, we never take up a any new project without knowing all the details, same is the case with your child and their preschool. The first step in your child’s educational journey, preschool is the beginning of an amazing adventure of learning and discovery. Young children often struggle with change.  Leaving the comforting rituals of life at home for a new set of people and rules can be scary. To help make the transition as easy as possible, take some steps ahead of time to prepare your child.

Going to school is usually an exciting and enjoyable event for young children. However, for some it can cause intense fear or panic.  The child’s panic and refusal to go to school can be difficult for parents to cope up with.

Mommy Shehnaz John’s 2.5 year old baby is scared and cries while going to school. Here are some expert moms advice. 

  • Downplay the milestone – Try to compare the Kindergarten with something that your child is already familiar with like, an activity class they are being attending or the playground where your take them to play everyday.

  • Read a book to your child about starting school, which may have illustrated pictures to make your child excited and familiar to the new environment he would have to deal with.

  • The school and the school teacher plays a very important role here. Please check if the baby is comfortable with the teacher or not.

  • Don’t stay too long – Assure your child that you will be back soon and say a quick good bye. Lingering on will only make it more difficult for your child to see you walk away and could make a bigger fuss as they know it is an effective way to make your stay.

  • Identify your child’s anxiety – Try to find out what exactly is your child is afraid of? Talk to your child and find out what he is worried about. Is he concerned that you will not return? Is he afraid that someone will be mean to him? Or that he won’t know where the bathroom is or that he won’t know what he’s supposed to do? Once you establish what his specific fears are you will be better able to address his concerns and work with your child and his teacher to find ways to handle them.

  • Send along a favorite comfort object – Every child has a special toy that he keeps with his and is comfortable with, ask the school teacher if you can send that along with your child.

  • Connect school to home – Take your kid for a visit to school before the first day to make the place familiar. Some teachers ask parents to send a family picture with their kid to feel more connected to home.

  • Don’t put a time limit on how long it should take – Tears and fear of school may go gradually, each child has its own set of experiences and anxiety level that influence their feelings about starting school, so each child will take his own time to settle down at school.

  • Share your own experiences – If your child expresses a worry about school, reassure her with your own experiences

  • Always be positive. Don’t set your child up for negative attitudes by saying how much you hated school or a particular subject. If there are older siblings, talk to them about conveying a positive attitude about school to their younger brother or sister. 

Remember, not all children will enter school with complete comfort. Starting school is one of the earliest and most challenging goodbyes between a child and parent. But successfully mastering this new challenge can increase a child’s feeling of self-confidence and security.

With Special Thanks to all our expert Moms:

Yojna Garg Nirwani, Aparna Banerjee Paul, Siji Samuel, Harsha Rajiv, Rita Sudera, Renuka Iyengar, Preety Sharma, Pallavi Kocharekar Dabgotra, Vandita Sarah Khan, Ashwini Bagare, Preeti Yogesh Shukla, Hardeep Shehbaaz, Sukoon Jethani Chopra, Nisha Bansal Jain, Shehnaz Simon.


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  1. I feel all kids go through this stage whenever they start school…be it at 18 months, 2.5 years or 4 years, but they get over it as well. I have shared my experience and tips in the following posts on my blog… hope it helps

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