Baby has lice in her scalp: SOS Moms Reply

Baby has lice in her scalp: SOS Moms Reply

Mom ‘Amreen Khan’ shared with us her query about her 9 month old daughter who has lice in her scalp.

We asked the lovely parents on our SOS Mom forum to help.

Many moms are not comfortable with the idea of applying strong shampoos, as they may contain strong chemicals to get the parasites out. Here are a few tips and suggestions.

1) Before any sort of treatment, make sure that nobody in your family has got lice too otherwise these pinhead sized parasites can clamber from one head to another in no time.

2) One of the home remedies we have got seems a quite known one in most of the households: Mix up powder made up of camphor tablets in the coconut oil. Apply this liquid on the baby’s scalp. Leave it there for at least next 15 minutes. Having done that, you can wash head with a mild shampoo ( suited for the infants).

3) Pay a bit more attention to your baby’s room and things in it. Let no amount of moisture seep into room. Keep it dry, warm and clean. Same thing applies to all sorts of assortments such as: Prams,Rockers, Baby Blanket and wraps etc.

4) Wet combing is one of the ways to detect lice and shiny white eggs in the hair,and to get them out of there. Wash your baby’s hair with a prescribed shampoo then run a detection comb through their wet hair. During this bug bursting, don’t forget to wipe the comb on a tissue after every such stroke.

5) Don’t keep your baby’s hair wet for long. Towel dry them after you have applied a shampoo or a conditioner almost immediately.

6) One of the remedies is to apply Methi seeds on a baby’s scalp. Just soak Methi overnight, grind it well and leave this mixture on a baby’s head for the next half an hour. Having done that, rinse your baby’s hair dry, and see the effect from the first wash itself.

7) You can apply little onion juice on the scalp for 10 minutes and then wash the hair thoroughly.

8) You can shave baby’s hairs and if problem continues, you can apply yogurt on baby’s head.

With special thanks to parents : Shweta Mishra,Divya Deepak,Anjali Bhaik,Deepika Prabhu,Shama Desai,Priyanka Gupta,Mini Gautam and Asha Sachin


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  1. the safest remedy would be to add basil leaves to oil and warm it a little and apply on baby’s scalp. If you have dry basil leaves then powder it and mix in warm oil. continue this process atleast twice a week and u will observe noticeable progress. Avoid washing baby’s hair too often as it might cause the baby to suffer from cold.

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